The difference Ürra co.

We all understand over time the importance of consuming local as much as possible. By purchasing a product from Ürra co, we are proud to tell you that you are encouraging not only an entrepreneur, but also a Quebec SME.
We are also very happy to tell you that the design as well as the creation and conception of each of our products are made via our workshop in Quebec City.

All our products are handmade & bespoke. From the moment we receive your order to the moment you put it on your companion, it's a process that is filled with passion and love. We make sure to use state-of-the-art techniques so that you can dress your pet with beautiful, solid and safe products. With all the love we put into it, you can shine while having peace of mind.

At Ürra co, we like to think outside the box, because that's what you and your pet deserve. Each product in the store has been thought out, designed and tested by dog ​​owners so that you and your pet only benefit from the best. Solidity and safety being our priority, we also like to innovate in order to offer you a wide range of possible customization. Ürra co is not only our products, it is also your creations.

The characteristics of BIOTHANE


The BioThane is a PVC coated nylon webbing. This makes it a material of choice, since it is enough to wipe it so that it becomes dry again. Resistant to all the conditions that your dog may encounter on his way, rain, mud, snow, etc.; the BioThane allows you to say goodbye to long hours of product maintenance. This waterproof material is therefore the perfect asset for your furball, which usually has a blast getting wet all over the place!

Extremely resistant

Whether it's abrasion, strong dogs who like to tug on their products, or people who leave their products outside after use, the BioThane will always look good and look like new no matter what the conditions. he was submitted. We only use BioThane Super Heavy which is the thickest grade of material to date. This gives our products the appearance of ultra-colourful leather accessories, which remain beautiful for a long time, with minimal maintenance.

Anti-odor & Anti-dirt

The BioThane is an extremely hygienic material since with a sponge and soap, it will look like new every time. It is a material that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, since it does not retain humidity. It therefore happens to have several other virtues such as being anti-fungal and very easy to maintain. If you like when it's clean and smells good, BioThane is the material for you!

Cruelty Free

Unfortunately, we do not always know the history of the products we consume, which sometimes prevents us from knowing the impacts behind our consumption. However, BioThane is a material with a thousand advantages, including being Vegan and not tested on animals. Your consumption of BioThane is not only good for you and your dog, but also for your conscience and the well-being of all animals.

The ambassadors

At Ürra co , our ambassadors are literally part of our family. It is a very important part of the business and we are sincerely proud to see them representing Ürra co in all its shapes & colors!

Over 550 reviews ★★★★★ on Etsy @UrraCo since 2019


Very high quality product, made to measure. Always exceptional service, always ready to meet my special requests. I love this company and its products. I collect colors for fun because the materials are so durable they never need to be replaced.


My boy looks so handsome in his new collar! We would totally buy this again (and probably will in different colors in the future). The quality is great and it's exactly as I pictured it!


Beautiful!! Perfect old rose color! My medal is perfect with this necklace for my Blue!
Thank you!! I recommend!


The khaki color is absolutely beautiful on my Vizslas coat. Very good quality. Got the matching leash as well! 😀


This is not the first time I have purchased these products. Excellent quality. Very durable over time. Although the price is a bit higher than some places it is definitely worth it. Beautiful handmade products is of a very large quantity. In addition, the after-sales service is excellent and very fast! I recommend 200%!

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