Apart from being a happy word in all languages, the etymology of the name is Finnish-inspired as Finland is declared as the country with the happiest people year after year.

At Ürra co., living life to its full potential begins with the joy of being with our pets.

Ürra co.

Ürra co. was born in April 2019, it was born from a desire to offer the best to Merlin, my wolf. It's a love story for our animals, the joy of small moments, the happiness of taking care of an animal and creating a bond with it. Our products are designed by hand in our workshop located in Quebec City, Canada. They are also distributed at specialized retailers here: retailer map .

Each model has been designed, designed and tested by dog ​​owners so that you and your pet only benefit from the best. Buying Ürra co. is a symbol of love for our pets and a promise that we will go through life's trials together.

In short, our goal is very simple: to make personalized accessories that reflect the relationship and the bond that unites you with your animal, beautiful, solid and unique.

The people behind the company

I'm Cassandra, the owner and founder of Ürra co. I'm Merlin's dog mom , the muse behind the company, Ginny, the clown who loves to move the order baskets around the workshop, and Rocket, the queen who manages, leads and pushes everything down the table.

When I discovered BioThane, it was quickly clear that we needed it in Quebec and not just any, the heaviest duty of all BioThane in order to be even more resistant, for a long time.

Having done most of my studies in psychology and a master's degree that specialized me in multidisciplinary project management, I decided to start full-time in Ürra to really offer people the best. Looking for new projects, I like to innovate by developing new ideas in collaboration with people in the canine field.

Ürra co. It's mostly a team story...

We have a wonderful person helping out with social media messaging and customer service. This is Claudia, mom of a little human and dog mom of Juya and Milo. With us for two years now, she will be able to answer all your questions. You can find her on social media on her dogs account @juya.and.milo.

Afterwards, we have a team of loyal and dedicated ambassadors who help with ideas, product launches, brainstorming, photo creation, and so on. The ambassadors are a great asset to the team since they are not only a fire team but they help spread Ürra's message of love through their adventures with their dogs. To see the full team, it's here: ambassadors .

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